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Husband: Hey Sweetie, what are you listening in YouTube since so long? (Husband entering the bedroom saw his wife busy in watching something.)
Wife: It’s Rudy Francisco reciting his poems, “Complainer”, My Honest Poem”, Scar/To New Boyfriend”, “Speechless”, “Adrenaline Rush”,” Love Poem”. He is damn good at reciting his poems. He received many awards for poetry. I can listen to him the whole day without any intermission. His poems make you speechless. His recitation makes you breathless. (Explaining about Rudy with full excitement)
Husband: But his poems are loud and does not sound like poems. (He thought poems are always with more rhymes like a melodious song, slow and serene.)
Wife: This is his unique way of reciting poems. His poems are deep and meaningful. The description of poems makes you feel like the real events occurring in front of you. I am now a crazy fan of him. Honey, see how he wrote about his love. You have not described me like him ever. See how he praised the beauty of the girl at Starbucks and his feelings for her. I am just in love with his poems. (Inside her she was thinking-you silly, you don’t know anything about my superstar as you have not heard his poems. You will be shocked at the first time you will hear him like he has left no words from the Oxford dictionary to express his feelings. His voice is powerful like waking up a dead heart. He is so perfect for his poetic creations are made by God reciting in his heart and mind. Every time I hear his poems my heart says to meet him once to say thank you for understanding this heart)
Husband: Okay I will write (with a smile and low tone, which he meant actually he won’t write, more specifically conveying he can’t write)
Wife: Just say me how you feel about me right now? (She went near husband and demanding the words of appreciation like demanding fundamental right written in the constitution. As if she will now go for a strike, if he won’t speak anything about the beauty of her love for him.)
Husband: Honey, I am not a poet like him. Actually, I am not a poet at all. (He moved to bed saying, “Okay, it’s time to hit the hay!”)
Wife: You never ever do that? I have written several love poems for you. Anyway, I just want to be a poet like him. A poet who describes everything in such a wonderful way that touches your heart directly and your heart melts like ice. Or maybe like a candle illuminating everything around you. A poet who has a basket of words that play a crossword with each stanza giving clues to get answers and at the end you get the meaningful answer. Every sentence makes you feel the emotions attached to the string of your life. I have heard all his poems at different poetry open mic events, not just once but several times in YouTube (She knew sometimes a man may love you like crazy but can’t express the way Shahrukh Khan expresses in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or Daniel in Seducing Mr. Perfect. She knew her husband loves her very much. So, she focused her talk on her desires and dreams and went back to the table to watch Rudy in by subscribing to his YouTube channel)
Husband: Okay, let’s sleep now. Close your laptop and come to bed. It’s Saturday.
Wife: Yeah coming. You know in my childhood I had always a passion for poems I remember. My first poem was ‘Mr. Examination’. I don’t remember in which class I wrote, but I really liked it. The poem was published in the school magazine. I have no record of it now. In fact, I had written poem in Odia language too on “A Cat”. It was a funny poem. You know, I had a notebook where I had a collection of poems. But sad thing, I don't have that notebook. I guess it is lost. Lost in my memories that are a blur of events. We always stayed in the rented house and we have shifted to so many locations. Maybe during that time, I lost my poem notebook which was very small in small, hardbound, pink color and inner pages were having lines to keep the sentences perfect and straight. During that period, we were living in a small house where we six people lived with so many pieces of stuff in those houses. Maybe my notebook was dinner menu of mice. That's how I may have lost it. We had no technology that time to store the poems in the computer or in the web world. I wish we had some Facebook or Gmail that time, to post all my poems that would have saved my notebooks. Again who knew my casual writings would be so much important to me now. You know I was also good at paintings. Every Sunday I would do paintings from 7 am to 11 am. My dad took me to many competitions and I won many prizes. Even I broke the record of my classmate who used to receive the first prize every year in school when I painted “Lord Ganesh” and won first prize. I had a big box with a collection of several drawing copies and paintings. I love colors. I paint everywhere. Even in bathrooms. Sometimes the toothpaste was my color and toothbrush was painting brush.  But I lost all my drawing books too. I wish I can get them back. I was very naughty in my childhood and I guess no one knew as they say me a shy kid. I bought all colors saying my colors pencils were over. Even if I had full of them.  You know childhood days were fun. I loved watching Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Superman and all cartoon TV shows in afternoon. Most of the time I stayed in the house. Yeah, in winter, I played badminton during winter. Maybe that's the reason I am not physically strong enough. I was good at many things. (Sleeping near her husband, cuddling him under the blanket, she is lost in her childhood days. Who does not fall in love with childhood memories)
WIFE: Hey you closed your eyes. Are you sleeping? What you loved to do in your childhood. Say something honey.
HUSBAND: I loved sleeping (Giving naughty childish smile in closed eyes, waiting when his wife will allow him to sleep)
WIFE: Your naughty man, you want to sleep now. I know that's the reason you are saying you love sleeping. Oh, c'mon, it's just 10 O'clock.
(Both husband and wife laughed loud and long. They could not stop laughing. Laughing was infectious like a viral disease. They laughed till they cried and that’s the amazing part when two people understand each other without any words. That's the beauty of marriage when we have a partner who is a friend and we can laugh together.
Husband: Women, talk at great length than men. No proof required.
(There were chuckles filled in the air in the bedroom refreshing the mind like Air freshener)
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