Joe, how come if you don′t mind?
We Have Created Poetry For You
Like Pared Eyes, and Other Pieces
How Do You Want To Be Remembered
After You Die?
Please, Read, And Listen

You Can Be Admired
This Is What Poem Is About
It is on LinkedIn
On Chitalnya Though
There Is Another Piece

It Is Important To See This
And Let Me Know
Otherwise, You Will Be Charged
(Sanctions May Be The Method)

Is That What You Want?
You Gave A Good example
Why Not?

Putting Your Surprise
Delicately Aside
This Is An Orthodox Approach
Orthogonal Projection
Of The Effort To Stabilize
The World
To Give It Peace
And Hope

We Have a Model
And We Know
How To Unite
Those Healthy Minded
Officers Who Are on Duty
Protecting Their Motherland
And People, And The Nation
While Thinking You Are Stupid
This Is How I Feel As Well
About Your Procrastination

I Bet This Is Exactly
The Moment Of Realization
Isn′t It Vividly Clear
That We Are Crushing?
Yet, Finally,
What If The World Unites
Around China?
Yes, Why Not?
Plus India, and Russia?

This May Happen
Rather Fast
Let′s Just
And As Of Such
Try To Bankrupt
Uncle Sam Himself?

Well, Hitler Caput!
Military Stays Put,
Protecting Interests
Of The Nation,
And People Assets
Not The Russo phobic Bunch,
And - Their Mother-Fucker′s Asses

Can We Survive Without Begging?
For The Money Paved With Blood
The Lie Grows Only Bigger
Keeps Spreading
Like a Plaque

In Jeopardy The Future
Of Our Children
We Are Pushing Luck
You May Think Andrei
Is a Potato Digger
Yet, Why Is He Fucked?

Why Not To Recognize,
Notice His Effort?
Hardly He Is A Threat
Yet, Who Is To Decide Then?
This Is Apotheosis
Of Genocide
Are You Becoming
Next Hitler, Biden?

You Have Become
Have You Looked In
The Image You Have Cast
On Vladimir Putin?

Try For Yourself
It May Fit, Really
By The Way, Andrei
Invited Officers
From Military To Bet

Are You Becoming Pioneer?
The Charter Of The Church
Has Been Published On The Internet
Available With The Instructions
On How to Apply, Yet
Those Models
Better Be Tried,
And Tested
Overall, For Consistency,
Lack Of Loopholes
So We All
Get Vested

- Topiya, Muses, and Andrusha Smyk 2022



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