Kenj to his mother and all mothers in the world

As Feuts within, from deepest I was fed
Your womb was the cosiest home ever
Nine month day, night so I am completed
Neither you, nor me had the ability to Choose
However, as your hands got me near your heart
The divine love genuinely felt within seconds
Tears, screams, fears are all gone, joy aheads
From pure tenderness, kindness, merciness
Life long to appreciate to value thy hands
When fever, when hungry, when sad I was
So preciousest, Mum to you my life I owe
Nothing can pay you the nine month back
If old, you shall I see, hence my turn starts
For both my Mum and dad, my blessed ones
Kenj the son, shall keep the oath run far shan’t
You are my sea that without I would have faden
As sons, and daughters are our mothers’ grace
Ziya the mother nature the Greeks had saved
Doctors, professors on knees our mother greets
The God’s grace in both our mothers and nautre