by NGolden

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of precious scars-
Broken objects are not something to hide,
But to display with pride.
My scars are hidden, not visible,
Yet I do not hide them anymore,
For I am proud of the strength
My scars have brought me.
I was broken.
I have scars.
My scars are something
To celebrate, not hide away with shame.
I lived too long with shame,
The shame belongs, is owned by,
He who caused the damage, the scars.
But I, the scarred, bear witness to my
Ability to persevere, put my life
Back together,
Kintsugi of the heart, the soul.
My scars reflect the strength,
Of my ability
To put the broken pieces
Together again.
I survive and thrive
For I am no longer broken or ashamed.
Beauty lies in Kintsugi.
My beauty shines through the scars.



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