Mermaid and Kenj day-dream alive

On a bench near the river, sounds on ears
The leaves by winds to far places may reach
A small moist can reach the deepest of ocean
Fish by waves into different climates are taken
May swim, may resist, so their stay may win
As mermaid puzzeled the mind , eyes to shine
So the tongue uttered but the finest of mine
Rush-words you may call, regrets shall befall
No! They were real; came by nature genuinely
Oh! My heaven! For a while sounded like Eden
So the hands steped and took one at ├Ânce
The souls could not help much the selves
Still back to the moment of earnestness
Long Shall I stay not, farwell place may take
Pale on the face, heartache, and a deep choke
Under-sea my world is not, on land perish shan't
Mermaid, affection have for me that much dont
Oh! My alikes made of earth a huge deal of dirt
So soul with yours by lord to be one shall unite