The sweetness on your face is like a scoop of intensely flavored and unbelievably delightful Italian ice-cream that every time you taste; you want to have more without worrying about calories.
You are that kind of beautiful.

When I see you, I get stuck in your beauty like a celebrity is stuck amidst his fans where every heart beats are filled with passion, happiness, and a desire to be closer, a further.
When you look in the mirror, the mirror must be thinking, today I saw the prettiest girl
The moon must be feeling envious of you every time you are admired that you look gorgeous than her
You are that kind of beautiful.

When you smile, it makes me believe the whole world is at your fingertips, all that you would convey through your smile can overwhelm anybody’s mind and heart, here mine. 
You are that kind of beautiful.

Your youthful skin shines when the sunlight kisses you.
The wind plays with your hairs and embraces dancing moments with you.
Your eager eyes are full of surprises like a newly born baby eager to know everything.
When I look at you I forget all worries of life like I am having a red wine to wind up the day and relax in evening.
You are mild, aromatic, that is always inviting me towards you.
You are that kind of beautiful.

You know financial statements analysis was my primary activity from the last five years.
I am a financial manager and controller of a multinational firm working from 10 am to 10 pm.
Managing finance is what I used to do, that’s a good thing. I earn money for living.
But do you have that tiny little idea that from the day I met you, every part of me changed their job?

My soul was filled with your beautiful image, the diva of good looks.
Now my mind is working on your thoughts, not the statistical & financial numbers.
My heart has turned into a gardener creating a landscape of you and me together.
My hands have turned to a painter who paints every single picture of you.
You are that kind of beautiful.

Every morning I wake up early with a hope to meet you while you go to your office.
Earlier the alarm clock could not make me awake.
But now it seemed there is a rooster crowing day and night in my mind to awake me to get the charisma in your face.
You are that kind of beautiful.

When I said this, she said, I already know how beautiful I look. What else you see in me? Something that no one told me?

Well, I have not just seen the outside beauty in you. Let me be honest, what I saw inside of you and what beauty it reflects. The beauty that I really admire. Let me try this again, this way-

The enthusiasm that you adorn compels me to be deeply inspired to live life cheerfully.
The feeling is like when the rain is over, there is a ray of sunlight and rainbow is splattered by God. And the beauty of sky brings a smile on your face without your notice.
You bring that smile to my lips every time I see you, out of no reason.
You are that kind of beautiful.

The day I saw you loving a puppy who lost its home, my heart changed that day.
Your heart is good. By good I mean, compassionate, caring, and loving.
I saw your love for animals who cannot speak but long for affection.
This is the beauty in you that will last a lifetime.
Something to scribble in the pages of my life.
You are that kind of beautiful.

Your talent is vibrant.
You are funny.
You are a warm-hearted person who lives life to fullest.
Your love for parents is the amazing quality I loved.
You respect everyone’s differences.
Winning everyone’s heart is your art.
You are that kind of beautiful.

Someone said a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
You are the joy I always connect with my heart.
I felt there is a connection with you, even if we haven’t really met or talked.
I felt you are the one I am waiting for.
I have loved you ever since I saw you.
I would love you forever.
This magical experience will never ever be lost.
God damn it, you are that kind of beautiful.

© N.M. Leepsa, 2018
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