Unperturbed by prevailing circumstances,
Unruffled by the turbulent sea,
Shielded from daunting situations,
Not held by the reins of society’s gratification,
Moving without boundaries.

Unclouded thoughts,
Uncluttered pathway,
Not tortured by unseen elements,
Not ravaged by the oddity of time,
It’s a seamless flow.

The past doesn’t infiltrate,
Nothing is shrouded in mystery,
No moving back and forth in time,
No strange awareness,
The dual phenomenon ceases to exist.

No fighting an unending battle,
The outside is not under attack,
Gloom doesn’t hold sway,
There are no broken pieces to fit together,
Unrestricted by the earth's pull.

Without the mind and body,
There'll be no story to tell,
Without the mind and body,
We’re a gliding kite,
We're a ceaseless waterfall.



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