I believe in perfection, is that hard to say? 
You say it to yourself, that wish you dream
We treat it as a god even some that don't believe
Online never helps, we know by the name, 
we get caught in the web and makes us believe
What is prefect? The question that will never

I treat perfect as a masterpiece 
it hangs on the faces of those I love,
 the beauty surrounding us 
and perfect people who are told not
But who am I to you... 
I can never change your beliefs,
 but I can make you think 

I was never perfect, believe me, I tried
But my talents and skills made me perfect
 The things I do now without the worry of beauty,
as well help me open my eyes from consent fear

So I ask you now, friend
have I got you thinking,
do you see the perfect world 
that was always here? 
Are you still blinded by the media,
models and actors, That's fine,
but ask yourself the question,

"Do I believe in perfection?"


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