Life is full of traps and dangers,
And we keep on doing wrong,
Life is hard and gives few answers,
So we look to Christ our God.

Jesus knows when we are troubled,
And he knows when we are glad,
Jesus sees what ere befalls us,
And he helps us through his word.

Gracious Father look from heaven,
On your children here below,
For we know that you will give us,
Peace and joy and strength to grow.

God our Savior daily teach us,
What we need from day to day,
Help us find with each transition,
Patience for what comes our way.

Lord I need thee come from heaven,
Send to me your gift of love,
Come to me when I am weary,
Shelter me with sweet release.

Lord I give to you my heartaches,
All my sins and strivings too,
Take from me my every longing,
Fill me Lord with thoughts of you.



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