Poem on “kelebek ruyasi”
Scenes on the heart, left prints
Muzafer and Reshtu words
Poet's life is the longest poem
Hence both's masterpiece modern epics
In the butterfly dream love, peace exists
Poetry is not that of words clusters
But rather is a life, feelings that deliver
As in the movie Reshtu tells:
“ Poet is like a baker”,
So Here kenj’s paraphrase
Poets not for themselves they write
For nations, upcoming generations
Focus on the love found in the heart
Get the future free of wars
In Classics, Uranus was killed by Kronus
Zeus got the poision maker tastes its own
The step is to take and to make post-moderns
Everyday is a new beginning
Since the second we wake
The minds are all zeroed
As Muzaffer the movie ended;
Impossible to forget, Yet
Possible It is; not to remember