When I think of Eric I think of giant blue eyes
and those long long lashes every woman wants
but doesn't naturally have. Long lashes like these
are reserved for men who catch an eye with an eye.

Round flushed cheeks, a brightness one closes eyes against,
the sun rising, always looming
over some Fire Island clown crowd. If you look to long
it rises, changes and dances deep purple, darkly
against humid skies. Barely any breezes.
Eris rounding needy mouths like a ring leader,
red sequins and blue swirled cupcakes with stars
for sprinkles. I think of his voice booming
a human out of a black cannon.

I think of a needle and a glazed donut,
of Frank O'Hara the second he turned
away from the Dune buggy,
saying 'Some day you'll know', which only
can be learned by a blink, blink
blink out of a life too soon.



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