With each breath
hope withered away.
War broke out
between mom and dad.

She sat huddled in the closet
and examined her contusion.
She hugged her knees tight
in an attempt to mute her sobs

Stemming from distant screams
were tears that ran wild.
She trembled with angst
as she watched life turn vile.

The relentless crusade
entered a ceasefire
She was quick on her feet,
for she stayed in refuge

Obscure banging echoed,
she was ready to dart.
The door swung open.
Instead a wrinkled man appeared.

She backed down
as he raised his hand,
awaiting it's impact.
Instead, he whisked her away.

He requested one favor.
She mustn't shed a tear
when she bids a final goodbye.
Decades passed since one had fell.

She stood at gramp's casket,
keeping her promise.
One last farewell.
Grateful for he, who set her free.



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