When I sense inner
plights of others, say, and walk
inside their torn shoes

that is empathy
without the slightest shadow
of some merest doubt

For lost soul malaise
whose deep pain goes unnoticed
by the look of things

To listen is a
form of therapy even
for the listener



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Regina's picture

Dear M
How very caring and beauteously penned, my
good friend. You are a bright star bard. Always
my deepest best wishes for such a deserving
poet as you.
I hope you have a wondrous and happy
weekend with your diamond pen flowing.
My grandson has developed congestion
and a hoarse voice. He's 8 and I feel
sorry for him. My daughter thinks it's
allergies, and I'm hoping we're not all
getting sick again. Many blessings to
you and your family and friends. :)))))


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