Silence is Golden, Secrets are Steel
by Rose Blackthorn

Miya kept her mouth shut
those were the rules of the game
better to bite the lip
than to suffer through duct tape
or ball gag, bandanna,
or worse – thread and needle again.

She learned young
that silence was golden
and secrets should never be told
that confidence kept
is confidence gained
and the truth of the heart is of priceless worth
that should never, ever be sold.

She wasn’t the only one studying here
and education is never truly free
the best way to learn
is hands-on, ears listening
no daydreams, no whispering
and eyes wide open to see.

Miya knew this story
she knew how her plot line would end
there was no fairy godmother,
no magic book, no twist of fate
no waking up or traveling backward
no hero to befriend.

Sometimes the tale is just ugly
no happy ending to be had
sometimes there is only surviving
starving and striving
abused children dying alone in the dark
and the good being buried by the bad.

In scars and rags
and the shadows of night
she endures the trials of the monster
no joy, no freedom
no warmth in this bad dream
no way to save
her siblings/slash/slaves
but her vow is, he’ll never destroy her.

Miya still keeps her mouth shut
she learned well the rules of this game
but the secrets she keeps
most of all, hidden deep
are the address and birthdate
and bank account numbers
and finally, the kidnapper’s name.



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