By © N.M. Leepsa, 2018
After Frank O’Hara /Roger Reeves/Ocean Vuong/ Haley Mitchell
Category: Spoken Word Poetry

Leepsa, you can reach the sky,
And shine like a star,
The path looks long, but it’s not too far.
Do believe. Your willpower is your ticket to reach your destination.
The train has already left.
Each station brings new experiences, not the crowd of hurdles.

Leepsa, you may now feel like nothing is working,
No matter how much you try, you are yet to create that masterpiece
My friend, you are not alone, many failures give birth to successful stories
We are traveling in the same boat.
You may be back to square one,
But never ever give up, like you never give up now.

Leepsa, listen to me carefully, your book will be a blockbuster,
Someday,  You will be “The bestselling author” in New York Times,
Invited to “The Ellen Show” as you always dreamed of,
Success is always in the bag for those who believe.
Believe me.
Believe in your dreams.
Believe in your dedications.
Believe in your determinations.

Leepsa, here is one story for you.
Just call it the secret medicine to boost up your confidence.
Learn from them.
Get ready to be inspired.
I promise, you will love your beautiful life.
You will love your dream.
I swear, if you won’t give up now, you will rise later.
Get up!
Keep up your writing!
Keep up your learning!
Give yourself a chance.

Leepsa, do you know Walt Disney was once considered to lack imagination.
His best friends betrayed him and joined his competitors.
His original works were stolen.
Failures knocked his door multiple times, yet he stood up multiple times,
And he created Mickey Mouse, the best-known mouse in the world.
You create something beautiful, something best, Leepsa.
You create something best, something beautiful, Leepsa.

Leepsa, you will find a place in the sunshine.
You can sail through all the tests of life.
"Who knows one day you will be known as the best author, writer, lyricist, poet or whatever name they give... the sky's the limit!"
Someday, I’ll love that N.M. Leepsa.
Not just for achieving success, but for writing that piece of poem,
worth admiring,
worth remembering,
worth inspiring others for their path of success.
Till that “Someday”, just write, write and write…. Again and again.

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