Lighten my life

Sadness, despair, depression, madness
Are the words that entrap my mind when looking at the bland brown house.
The one house with all grey walls.
The one with the single tan car going back and fourth.
The one where even when we exited our drought, no bright flowers began to sprout.
The one that belongs to a dear Ms. Sky.

My"Mom" is my"Heaven" on Earth

God forbid if something terrible happens and I lose my eyesight.
I would miss the smile on my mother's face shining with glow and always bright.
My brothers would have tears in their eyes seeing me like this,
and would never indulge in a friendly fight.
My world would be in darkness though there would be light.
I won't be able to take lonely walks on the streets, would require help by plight.

I became a Poet for your precious love

I became a poet "for your precious love",
Never say" Bye bye love".
"You are always on my mind", always first not
" at last",God is smiling from clouds above.

"You are my girl ",I love your hair with curl.
You are more precious to me than a pearl.

" Wake up little Susie" , let's go watch a movie.

You are my world,"I will always love you".
Together we will face all hardships and sail the tide through.

Someone's come to meet you"Daddy's home".
Let's plan a family trip and hit to Rome.

beautiful day

Beautiful day,
hold me tight.
Show me birds
in high blue flight.
Show me bare branches
once clothed in green.
Show me fields of
waves serene.
Help me look beyond
things i can touch.
To see God's eyes,
I love so much.



By © N.M. Leepsa, 2018
After Frank O’Hara /Roger Reeves/Ocean Vuong/ Haley Mitchell
Category: Spoken Word Poetry

Leepsa, you can reach the sky,
And shine like a star,
The path looks long, but it’s not too far.
Do believe. Your willpower is your ticket to reach your destination.
The train has already left.
Each station brings new experiences, not the crowd of hurdles.

Another Note to God

I cry and break down a lot
I lie and say I'm okay when I'm really not
I reminisce and look at my wrist at all the scars I've got
When you took my mother at 10 months the heartache started
God bless the souls of ALL the dearly departed
Please tell me is my child up there?
You taking her still doesn't seem fair
I get depressed and won't come out for days
God forgive me for my vengeful ways
Daddy beat me I blamed myself
The pills and therapy, I tried to get some help
Ended putting my heart back on the shelf

Life after R*pe

Men make me sick
I almost wish they didn't exist
Who could ever predict?
A tragedy such as this
In my own home
While alone
Tears soak the same pillow where he once laid his head
Everyday I am forced to sleep in the same damn bed
Where I once drew blood of my attacker
Why did I shower later after?
So the only evidence they had were my clothes and his blood on my sheets
He was released after a few weeks
I found out the news and tears watered my cheeks


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