The Power Of Truth

It's all so very easy now to see.
The misguided truth of you and me.
I was always striving our love to maintain
While you were always searching your freedom to regain.
Meanwhile, the lies your eyes did tell.
Well eventually they became my hell.
Choosing to believe in you again.
I am left with only regret in the end.
And the saddest thing now that I seem to recall
Are the smoke and mirrors with which you built your wall.
Hoping to hide the truth from view
Not only from me but also from you.

I Love You More Than All the Windows in New York City

The day turned into the city

and the city turned into the mind

and the moving trucks trumbled along

like loud worries speaking over

the bicycle"s idea

which wove between

the more armored vehicles of expression

and over planks left by the construction workers

on a holiday morning when no work was being done

because no matter the day, we tend towards

remaking parts of it — what we said

or did, or how we looked —

and the buildings were like faces

The World Is in Pencil

— not pen. It"s got

that same silken

dust about it, doesn"t it,

that same sense of

having been roughed

onto paper even

as it was planned.

It had to be a labor

of love. It must"ve

taken its author some

time, some shove.

I"ll bet it felt good

in the hand — the o

of the ocean, and

the and and the and

of the land.


is my season

of defeat.

Though all

is green

and death

is done,

I feel alone.

As if the stone

rolled off

from the head

of the tomb

is lodged

in the doorframe

of my room,

and everyone

I"ve ever loved

lives happily

just past

my able reach.

And each time

Jesus rises

I"m reminded

of this marble


they are not

coming back.


It"s now all about money

about which poetry rarely reaches

transcendence. But love must still fester

even under that. Everyone I know

frets if poetry can still matter,

but what about love? It"s all become

too much for them, and they"re all

on the soma. It makes sense

with these pills when the someone

they thought they loved for years

by never thinking about it says,

" I don"t love you anymore,

but let"s stay friends in that mellow


Change is the new,


word for god,

lovely enough

to raise a song

or implicate

a sea of wrongs,

mighty enough,

like other gods,

to shelter,

bring together,

and estrange us.

Please, god,

we seem to say,

change us.

29. Birds of Our Joy -

Birds of our joy,

Irradiate, irradiate upward,

Upward opening like the fan of the sunrise till the sky is a burst

Of birds,

A storm of song ...

Wing higher,

Wing and wheel,



O heavy with the night of sorrow,

My white-faced, my pale love,

Gather your moon-remembering hair in a glory about your head,

And put on the shining of your silks,

And turn and find me: my love, my love, I love you forever ...

24. In an Old Square -

In an old square, in an old city square

Autumn is passing through us,

And we are in love ...

We are in love's deep passion, and sighing, we dream

The moon up, and the stars out, and the tree-tops into song.

We dream a city into being beyond the iron gratings,

An ancient moon-lamp'd city, maybe in Asia,

Where lovers kissed and Solomon sang ...


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