Perhaps Love Does Really Exist

Perhaps love does really exist, but the beings we are surrounded by don't know how
Perhaps there is no such thing as soulmates, but if you're blessed with loving someone who respects you back, you should stick with 'em 
Perhaps the tides come in and then receed to show us what, if anything, will be left behind after some turbulence
Perhaps we shouldn't compare struggles, feet can manage socks and hands can manage mittens

I Love You More Than All the Windows in New York City

The day turned into the city

and the city turned into the mind

and the moving trucks trumbled along

like loud worries speaking over

the bicycle"s idea

which wove between

the more armored vehicles of expression

and over planks left by the construction workers

on a holiday morning when no work was being done

because no matter the day, we tend towards

remaking parts of it — what we said

or did, or how we looked —

and the buildings were like faces

Siege, The: Or, Love's Convert, A Tragi-Comedy - Act 3. Scene 5


To him a Boy in the habit of a Virgin . Leucasia

discover'd in a Chair, and Euthalpe by her .

Mis. I know, for my sake, that she hates all Men;

Who're therfore Miserable 'cause she hates them.

So that I've brought a Curse o'r half the world

By this one single Action. Prethee sing,

And try if in this habit thou canst wooe

Her weary thoughts into a gentle slumber.

Song. Boy.


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