This and That

You said that or I thought you said that or I thought you said that
Or was it you said this and not that
I thought I'd figured it out but that wasn't it
Then what was it if it wasn't this or that
The more I think I have things figured out
The more I always seem to get it wrong
So I'll just throw my hands up in frustration
I'll never figure this one out and so who cares
It would be easier to figure out that age old question
Remember it...the secret of Life.

With Such Alacrity


With such alacrity
Eager to get the job done
Willing and able to learn
Always on the run
Forging ahead in the distance
Taking things one day at a time
Managing the time wisely
In order to keep things in line

Tale of One Silly Cock


“Please let my hair grow, Mother, don’t cut it.
A trimmed tree
Is no place for song birds.”
                                     -Anonymous: Landeys
                                     Afghanistan (Pashto)
My Mama never cut my hair
But for once, when I was a girl
And it had become a knotted rope.
A nest had formed, beyond untangling,
And it had to be cut out,
Although the song birds had already
Found its shelter.
One by one I had to let them go,
Say goodbye to song.

How can I Walk Away?

I could never walk away from you
Everything I feel is real
I search within each day to find
When we meet it was revealed
How can I walk away?
I feel you each and everyday
My heart, mind and soul are bound
Now my dreams are real
I see you in my thoughts
Reality I now feel
How can I walk away?
I feel you each and everyday
My world has begaun to change
Nothing else feels so right

The Dismal Throng

The Fairy Tale of Life is done,
The horns of Fairyland cease blowing,
The Gods have left us one by one,
And the last Poets, too, are going!
Ended is all the mirth and song,
Fled are the merry Music-makers;
And what remains? The Dismal Throng
Of literary Undertakers!

Clad in deep black of funeral cut,
With faces of forlorn expression,
Their eyes half open, souls close shut,
They stalk along in pale procession;
The latest seed of Schopenhauer,
Born of a Trull of Flaubert's choosing,


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