The moments we've tried to forget
Become those we want to revive
Somehow without them, we feel we're not alive
Smiling through the hours passed
But memories that suppress by the seconds, are where we die quicker
Breathing in the toxic, hoping, wishing
It was the same but the clock rebels
The world laughs at your demise, downfall
You have trained yourself to be unbreakable
It gets harder when those moments,
The ones that helped shape your character, resurfaces
You're transported back, wishing you could reach out and hold the hand
One more time
To hear your name one last time
No, the last seen face haunts your psyche
Heart beating into breaking apart and down, the soul who saw your soul and the real you
The soul who held you as you cried
Who's there to hold you now?
You were more than good enough, perfect
Now that soul had vanished, they attack
The demons are spawned and choke out any hope for a better future
You fall to your knees and pray
For a better day and stronger will
Should've prayed for a back bone
Without that soul, I just keep falling deeper Falling apart while trying to find a life
Losing the passion while being hungry
For my destiny, it's a conundrum
It's a curse with a blessing lining
It's a dark cloud with the sun fighting inside
It's the universe crying to be understood
It's my heart that bleeds and me failing to patch it.
It's my world that's depleting.



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