Afar in the distance the flash...no, that’s not them.
Yes it is, no it’s not.  Too early to tell,
Oh no, there they are, all at once
And everything’s stopped—flat out stopped.
I knew I should take surface streets,
They’re always faster. Faster, faster, why won’t this car go faster?.
Can’t be late. Not again, Cant be late I know my fate
If i’m in past nine, again….. Gimme some zen, with sprinkles
Damn that’s hot, I’m panting, heaving, sighing
Goddamnit, I’m getting off this insanity.  Fuck it.
I knew surface streets would be better…..
What was I thinking? Sweating so much I’m stinking.
What was i thinking,,,, I’d get there quicker?
Sneak past the boss in a lame try to trick her.
Keep that foot on the pedal, keep it pressed
Don’t let up.  I SAID, DON’T LET UP.
No matter how stressed,  
I drank so I could quit feeling
I quit cuz i was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
Every day in this funky office mess I’m mired.
Stuck here till I’m retired or worse yet, till I’m fired.  Then what?
Unemployment’s only six months.
Credit cards maxed, taxes past due.
IRS got hit men passing through
Come on, you goddanmed light, turn, turn, already.
Finally fucking green, was that so goddamned hard?  Fucking light.
About to freak, squeezing this steering wheel so hard
I got dents on fingers, dents in my gut.  
There’s a ringer, there he is. There she is. There they are….
All those show-up-on-time, taxpaying asswipes,  
When your back’s turned, taking turns taking snipes.
Swerving around, all these slow mother fucking cars.
I stopped running yellow lights long ago. Me?  I run red lights…..
I am in such a panic caffeine and sugar got me flying manic
Finally at this fucking hell hole, every day I sell my soul
For some crap, could only be done by a fool, give me some gruel,   
What else can I do?  One more day in this fucking zoo
Tail lights tell it all.



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