by jc1357

We watched in awful horror as the gleaming twins did fall
To earth - those shining beacons, once so mighty, proud and tall.
Returning to the stone and sand from which they once were sprung,
Entombing in their bosom those from whom the life was wrung.
And as we watched a cloud appeared and rose up to the sky -
At first a choking roil of dust that stung in every eye.
But as we gasped and then recoiled from that once awful wave,
We saw a sight that one and all a mote of solace gave.
For from the smoke and ash and soot we saw a vict'ry fly
As spirits of our dear ones rose to meet the clouds on high.
We saw the heavens parting in response to loved ones' sighs,
And we all can take some comfort as we realize: they rise.



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