Inside her head she's started to wander, the thoughts a messy mix of hopefulness, and somber. Her eyes are heavy with lack of sleep, but she cant escape, she's in her mind too deep. Reminiscing on old times, cuddling up to nursery rhymes. Getting drunk with some old friends, thinking back then thats how the story ends. No idea what she was in for, til the shoe dropped and hit the floor. A quiet thud that shoe was not, a slam, in waves, that bastard brought. Life got crazy, nothing slowed down, suddenly smiles were replaced by frowns. The fun and games were over then, and it was time to be an adult, again. She wasnt ready, she needed a break, how long could this stressful phase even take? Craving some freedom, or even just appreciation, but her life never was full of remediation. Now that she's crawled inside her head, once more, there's simply no turning back and closing that door..



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