You, that I see, each morning as I wake
You, who touches me each night as I sleep
You, who works so hard, for our family each and every day
You, who holds me when the world makes me break
For years I searched for you in all the wrong places
Being broken and bruised by all the wrong faces
I wished and prayed for you in the bottom of glasses
Hoping that one day you would appear and I would recognize you after so many wrong choices.
Never once knowing that I would find you when I did
Not knowing you were who I was seeking
Almost losing you to ignorance, thinking there was no way you were who I sought after so long in the wrong places.
And there you were, my white knight, so cliche, but here you are, my Arthur, to your Guinevere.
Sappy, I know, but it’s true.
Life has a funny way of bringing the right ones together
Even after years of searching and pain
We’ve both experienced things so wrong, we finally deserve things that are right and true.
I’m glad that I waited, and was patient, as were you.
Lovers passing in the night like ships
Finally seeing the lighthouse, not crashing
Realizing we were home in one another, after the storm that was life before.