O Twilight Hour!

O TWILIGHT hour, you come and take my heart,
With all your folded wings and colors flown
From all your folded flowers, silver grown—
O twilight hour, you come and take my heart.

Your feet have trod what alien, far ways,
On all the battlefields of time you came,
In many a bower you fell upon love's flame,
Your feet have trod what wonderful sad ways.

Egypt has met you, and the crest of Rome
Has bowed you homage with a vassal smile,
And shadowy kingdoms of the dreaming Nile;
Egypt has kissed you, Greece and faded Rome.

What prayers have fallen on your silver ear,
Franconian fields and Frison fiords among;
Bells have bespoke you, weeping queens have sung:
The vespers of the world is in your ear.

Contented eyes have closed in your embrace,
Your seamless peace has covered wild alarms;
Nurse of deep sleep, the gray zone of your arms
Shall fold the waiting worlds in last embrace.

O twilight hour, you come and take my heart
And shake my soul with silent presagings;
I walk a lonely road, and no wind sings,
But come, O twilight hour, and take my heart.
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