From Zappi

A HUNDRED little Fairy-Loves one day
In laugh and frolic jest the hour deceiv'd —
One of them said — " A thought I have conceiv'd;
" Let's fly a little! " — " Whither? " (answer'd they).
He told them — 'twas to my belov'd. — Away
The urchins flew, and were in swarms receiv'd,
Like bees upon the rose; nor more achiev'd
Without sharp contest: — These had caught their prey,
The ringlets; — those , her pouting lips detain'd; —
These in her eyes enthron'd: — but other two
Sat in her pencil'd eyebrows' arching line:
One from a dimple his exclusion feign'd,
And fell upon her bosom . — " Which of you "
(He ask'd them) " will compare your seats with mine? "
Author of original: 
Giambattista Zappi
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