by Modom

I saw your twin in the window and I knew I had to have you. I paid 2.50 for a solitary seed, seemed ridiculous but I knew it would be worth it in the end. Just the thought of you put me in a childlike wonder, I was so excited I hurried home to plant you right then. I mapped out the perfect sunlit spot for you in my garden, gave you plenty of space to grow there in front of the other flowers that I had tried but failed to give birth to, I guess I’ve never really had a green thumb. I told myself this time would be different I just knew you were stronger than the others, and so I waited.
As time went by I started to get discouraged, you weren’t growing like you were supposed to, so I started giving you more of myself. It started with my time and effort but kept going from there, I started pushing other thing to the side for you, neglecting the rest of my garden in the process. I was picking little pieces of myself off to nourish your roots, I was happy to do this I knew the payoff would be great in the end. I kept the picture of your strong beautiful pedals standing out above the rest in my heart and just when I thought I couldn’t give anymore the slightest splash of green started to appear.
I was so happy and excited I started picking myself off faster, giving my secrets, my heart, my family, not realizing what I was doing. By the time you started to bloom I was physically and mentally exhausted. having no more to give I stood watching as you opened your newly formed pedals for me, the time and effort finally paying off, but the warm pink swell of hope I was feeling quickly turned to dread and anger, for there where my strong, vibrant rose should have been was a lowly dandelion. I wanted you so bad, now All I want now is my money back

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