Shall we say bye to our usual routine and explore something new.
Let's travel to a strange land with mystic features.
Its taking too long to reach right.
Yes, did u see that far off lush green steep mountain standing alone. That is our destination.The slowly, slowly; we may open our parachute and land over the top level surface. Say bye to the Copter for the time being.
Good, that’s fine, we are here, hurray! The leader is talking to the members of the team.
So what is our next step? We need to come down to reach the valley. Ya, there’s a way out. A hairpin slide, something resembling toboggan running on a side . Uh .Let’s slide one by one .Hold on to the sides like a crab.
All are screaming loudly….sliding n sliding endlessly.Yeah; at last we are reaching the plain land.
A wild breeze is gently caressing us. Doesn’t its aroma seduce us? Oh yeah…
Let us loose ourselves in this wild. Yeah, we need a relief, am I not correct?
Hey there’s a high waterfall over there. Let us have a bath in that crystal clear water in this pristine land.
Ah….The cool droplets trickling down, rejuvenates each and every spores of our skin.
Now let’s dress up and wander deep into the forest. Remember, we are losing ourselves for some time. Yes that’s fine.
Look there, the multi coloured cute little birds chirrups.Hehe how lovely!.
We need to cross the forest by night. So let us plan.
Oh look there. Someone is coming. That is a maiden carrying a basket full of wild fruits. Are you not hungry? Yes you are.
Lets lend some fruits from her and ask her about this terrain.
She is looking afraid. Don’t worry maiden. We are from a far off land, came for a vacation .
The maiden”Pl. escape as fast as you can. It’s not the right place for you”.Oh My God, she ran away.
Let’s don’t step back. Cheer up. We may proceed.
Dusk is spreading. Now we need to set a camp fire and have some food.Ok, let’s do.
Yeah, that’s great. Now lets dance. Can anyone sing that mountain song.yeah come on……lets party.
Oh tired right? But we must cross forest tonight. Cheer up team.Yeah..thats fine.
Hey stop. I feel like my legs are deep rooted in ground. I cannot move.Pl every one be in position. Something is not right.
Oh leader, what shall we do now?
You guys n gals escape right now. Just forget about me. I will manage. Just obey my order.
We are feeling dejected leader.
No way, escape,I say.
Yuvan must lead the team, Ok, proceed.
We must run fast. Something is not right here. Girls, come on, fast.
It is not the time for emotions. We have to obey our master.
Stop.Something is heading towards us. It is a lady looking wild.Dont be afraid, girls.
Yuvan ,We are afraid, pl. save us.
Lady”I need you Yuvan.others may clear off “.
The lady was wearing a scarf .Only her crystal eyes are visible.
She is waving her hand in a particular fashion. Suddenly; a horse is coming.
She then pulled yuvan forcefully and ride the horse swiftly.
Yuvan “What is happening. I can’t guess. Where I am being taken to?”
They are entering a cottage built with shining marble stones. A small bridge leads to the house.
She asks Yuvan to rest . After a while a girl enters , in a shining blue gown. Her face is also masked. Eyes are sea green in colour.
She calls” Yuvan” in her sweet voice. Yuvan woke up. To his surprise, instead of that lady, a gorgeous girl .She” I am Fiorella.My mother Romina is the one who brought you here”.
Yuvan” Can I see your face, hey gorgeous”.
Hey no, it’s not the time. My mom will come to you now.
Romina enters. She is in a ash coloured gown. Her face is now revealed. It is shining but wrinkles appear here and there. Surely in her younger years, she too would have been beautiful like her daughter.
Hey, there’s a crystal ball rolling in her hands. Romina”Im a fortune teller. You may not understand what I am telling. But I know you yuvan, year’s back, when you were a child.”
Yuvan” How?”
Romina”Fifteen years back , I reached your home place with a mission. You were my target. My crystal ball led me to you. You were five years then. I found you, with your parents in a market place. But it was not the time then. That cruel man, my husband (shows photo) followed me and didn’t let me reach you.
Yuvan in terror” Oh, the man in this photo is our leader, who accompanied us in this journey. He is now lost.”
Romina” Yes I know he will be here, unknowingly. I made him come here with my spiritual skill acquired over years. So you too”.
Yuvan” What is your motive , may I know?”
Romina”Well .You need not know about the where abouts of me and my husband. But you have one goal before you, which I have set. Before dusk, you should leave this place with my daughter. For that whatever means you can choose. But you never land in front of my husband. If he recognizes you along with my daughter, peril will happen. He is a monster in disguise. He will kill both of you. Once you escape from this land, I will confront him. I have lots of deal with him pending over years.”
Yuvan”Sure Romina. I liked your daughter at first sight. I didn’t see her face. But her eyes told it all.”
Yuvan to Fiorella” Come with me dear. Let’s go . Hug your mamma. We will return here , one day to take her along with us.”
Running, running and running. They are out of the circumference of the forest. Back to valley. To, their surprise, the girls in the team is there roaming aimlessly.Yuvan gathers them all and said” We should clear off before sun set. We have to climb the hill top at the earliest..Yuvan says”Cheer up girls”. We have way to go. Struggling like hell, the girl manages to reach the top. The tender girl, Fiorella fainted by the time they reaches the hill top.
Yuvan hurries. “As per my wireless message, Copter is in base. Rush to the Copter. Yuvan then enters the copter room to take off the flight. The propeller wings of the plane starts rotating.Yuvan carriesFiorella on his shoulder .He hands over Fiorella to the lap of girls.
Then he hears a moan so loud. Fiorella has left you Yuvan, the girl’s cries.
Darkness covered his eyes. He then regains conscience .Came towards his beloved Fiorella. Takes her in his lap and locks her lips with intense emotion for the first and last time. He cries” Mamma I couldn’t save your daughter. I couldn’t save my dear.”
Yuvan carries Fiorella on his shoulder and ran towards the edge of the hill.
“Dear in both life and death we will be together. I won’t leave you alone”.

The depth of hill was waiting for the beautiful young couple.

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