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Monday, August 15, 2016 to Monday, August 22, 2016
Contest type: 
Poetry contest
Poem Name Submitted By Likes Comments
My heart is crying zhanglinyi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
ISLAND Ciarán Parkes 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Training: Stances Mary Soon Lee 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Kos, Greek Island Rebecca O'Bern 2 1 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Pelicans piscespoet 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Guilty Tranquility ramonathompson 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Tracks and Trails frithar 2 2 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Generations Unseparated by Time and Distance d.r.sanchez 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Just Another Night stanekattack 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
lovely and true rickjstassi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Waiting Around (after Pablo Neruda) trishhopkinsonpoet 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
You will never be mine rachaelscott 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
On The Plague Year: London, 1665 dmlovic 2 5 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Rehab Bird Havok21 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Curse of the Werewolf's Wife Bruce Boston 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
My Mother on My Cousin's Wedding Day LynneViti 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Karluv Most glenhswilson 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Moving House rknester 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
My Wilderness Brookelouvier 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
my heart fell out / an aftermath leslieg 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry LauraEuphoria 3 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
A sonnet for plotting amateurs CARO71 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
not me kacperniburski 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Slipstream lyta 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Emotional Explosives Adam Levon Brown 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Losing Weight blicciardi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Just Me Roxana Nastase 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Red Money. synapselens 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sustenance Sarah Russell 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Playing With Fire seedison 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Eating Light Robertmcat 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
I am here dreaming settdigger 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Cobwebs in the Sky P.E. Corbett 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Last Man cannotc 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Coal Town Ryan Stone 5 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Half-Elegy for My Mother's Marriage saraborjas 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Letting go ... Mennasthoughts 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Poetry for Peace Lizzi 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
GAIA Abdul Malik Mandani 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Golden Marvel Michael Noir 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Family Portrait John MacDonald 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Unconscientious Objector jlandwehr 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
contrails j.lewis 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
All The While s.a.Morgan 1 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Deliver Us SquidWaffle 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Transfigured Night (a reimagining) britny.cordera 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
SIGHTED: Ephemeral Innocence aMAXiMINalist 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
I Dive BLUEK23 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Waltzing Miss Jeanie pdlyonz 2 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Billy Jack baggins404 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Cloud Company sara.jm 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Sky Goddess angeladawn 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
WHEN A NEW LOVE IS BORN abubakarabdulra... 5 3 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Summer Showers Brandon Jordan Brown 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Thus Spoke The Leech Karthik Purusho... 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
97’ Deville mirahhhhhhhh 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Addictions Eyequeue012 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Waiting Room Rachel Grimes 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
All His Fancies Dancing Marge Simon 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Timeless Splendor Ken Allan Dronsfield 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
on the loss of your husband, my good friend, Jodi Lowell 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
After the Service AnnLardas 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Sway QueenElizabeth 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
THE KING'S IN LOVE Nada 227 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Love and Dust Hardeep 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
These Eyes papagena58 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Tomorrow Morning boladonline22 6 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Selection poet0926 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
--Bum-- rattletrap99 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
She Shriharsha 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
WONDER WONDER Gabrielajiri 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Arrogance Of A Writer jasbir_chatterj... 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Worth By Different Standards Coco 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
RAW WAR Cosmic Cat 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
I Write Poetry tamilani 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Theos Protean1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
To Gina JBludd 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Head trip Lee Nash 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Recycled Everlasting Love PrttyBrd 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Depths Cathy Bryant 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Champagne in the Fridge LFHalt 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Handmaid's Song kimabw 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Accidents & Emergencies cartervance 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Secret Lives of Ornaments chrisconnolly 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
A Formulaic Love Story mibar007 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Apprehension Bluehalcyon 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
“It’s a remarkable apparatus.” orboh 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Flower Mirror ingridbruck 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
A Proud Maiden Sleeps tellastory 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
On the Night They Took Your Life Trish Lindsey J... 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Stuck in the Strings Susan Renee 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
The Orchard On Its Way lauradaviesfoley 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Please call! Oceania 1 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
You Missed Two Young Bald Eagles Practicing Flight at Dawn over our Cove Elisavietta Ritchie 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Emptiness MeL1979 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]
Descent LokeWolfather 0 [field_honorable_mention][field_winner]


Nada 227's picture
Hello, that is the message I have gotten too.. Compete You've been already submitted the THE KING'S IN LOVE before. You can submit only one work per contest. You might proceed and select another one. Or quit the contest.


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LauraEuphoria's picture
I registered for the first time after clicking from Trish Hopkinson's post. Registered, added a poem "Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry" and got the same message other folks did. I took a screenshot but don't see how to attach it to a PM. Here it is: You've been already submitted the Why the Window Washer Reads Poetry before. You can submit only one work per contest

Laura Grace Weldon's poetry collection is titled Tending. Connect with her at lauragraceweldon.

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It's showing that your poem is in the list, so your poem did enter correctly. It must be some bug with showing an error message when there's no error. I've contacted the developers who should hopefully have a solution by tomorrow.

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