When I see, 

The way you talk,
With him at your side,
I want to scream,
I want to shout,
But I know it won't get him,
By my side.
I've lost to many,
To count by now.
And you were added to the list.
I cry silent tears,
Yet still no water falls.
My face is dry,
No wet rivers left.
I can't cry,
For there is no tears,
Or anything left,
In my mind,
Or soul.
I'm just dead weight,
Waiting for the time,
When my name gets crossed of the list,
And down I go,
Six feet under,
And now no one can fix,
Whatever was done, 
And I leave it all behind.
So here I am,
Broken and hurt,
But I plaster a smile,
To my over aged face.
And tell the world I'm okay,
And that I'll make it through this day. 
There is nothing left.
In my mind,
Or soul.
And now I'm nothing more,
Than dead weight.


Poetry Reading: 
Anna Daley


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