I became a poet "for your precious love",
Never say" Bye bye love".
"You are always on my mind", always first not
" at last",God is smiling from clouds above.

"You are my girl ",I love your hair with curl.
You are more precious to me than a pearl.

" Wake up little Susie" , let's go watch a movie.

You are my world,"I will always love you".
Together we will face all hardships and sail the tide through.

Someone's come to meet you"Daddy's home".
Let's plan a family trip and hit to Rome.

Kiss me on my lips,"Let your love flow".
I will do anything to make your face glow.

"You are so vain", you make me forget pain.

" I love you babe", I would love to see you in a red saree drape.

you wake me with a cup of tea and a shining smile, and I wish back, Here comes the sun".
With you each day is full of joy and fun.

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