I stopped listening to music the same way
I could only find sadness in songs
Even in the happy ones.
It had been this way about 2 years
Then one day
You took my hand
I used to love being alone.
I used to take care of everything on my own.
Things were great.
Things were good.
I used to love being in my room
Watching a movie
Listening to a song
And sing along
Things were great.
Things were good.
In my darkest moments
I would crawl in my bed
Listening to music
And expect nothing
I would just lay there
‘till things were great
‘till things were good
Sometimes it would take hours
Sometimes it would take days
And sometimes it would take years
And when things were great
And when things were good
I would laugh with my friends
And I would be like any other…
But one day things weren’t great
And things weren’t good
Lying in bed did nothing.
Expect nothing did nothing.
Music did nothing.
I couldn’t do anything.
Days would pass
Friends would leave
Music would stop
Then you came.
Things started to be great.
Things started to be good.



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