We can designate a driver

If we know we're going to speed
In the clutches of a spirit
Or the overdrive of weed,

But there is an old intoxicant
The heart can feed the brain
That can taint our blood without a trace
And make us go insane.

And the only way to keep that drug
From getting in our veins
Is to bring respect, humanity
And patience to our lanes.

Anger injures, anger maims,
Anger kills, anger burns
Like a coal from hell behind the wheel
Negotiating turns.

You say no to drugs, to alcohol
And even shun your phone
As you rev up all four thousand pounds
Of metal that you own.

Now it's time we take a pledge,
Bring our decency along,
Show some spine and wage restraint
Against the influences strong

Of the deadliest impulses
That can ornament the wrong.
Let's not cast the melody of life
Into a funeral song,

But defuse this bomb, locate those wires
Cut them off at seethe,
To return where life begins, and learn
To breathe and let to breathe.



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