Tamper Proof Exemplar

Rings, what are they ?
Those gaudy gem encrusted  things displayed  by those in places high and low.
Or on the other hand  the kind that pricks  the ear when one is half asleep.
Incessant earworm.
Authentic ring,
eternal ring, engagement ring.
I wore this lustrous band  or should I say it wore me  out,
ill-fitting token  of affection that no longer fits.
Finger swelling  pawn shop cast off,
fools gold object d’art  swept up in sudsy tides only to  be  swallowed by a viral vortex guzzle.
Geometric arc light, stricken by its own silver rays,
silently preserving magic memories of yore,
stoically the keeper of past dalliance,
fractal shadow creep among the pigeons,
dancing fairground cul-de-sacs.
Closed loop seal a tamper proof exemplar,
clinging desperately to bonds once watertight,
as impregnable as any fortress.