24. In an Old Square -

In an old square, in an old city square

Autumn is passing through us,

And we are in love ...

We are in love's deep passion, and sighing, we dream

The moon up, and the stars out, and the tree-tops into song.

We dream a city into being beyond the iron gratings,

An ancient moon-lamp'd city, maybe in Asia,

Where lovers kissed and Solomon sang ...

We dream the mighty top of the tower piercing golden into the heaven

Where a pebble falls in that pool of sky

And circles of silver bell-ripples widen and run

Dropping a silver chime ...

We dream our souls into each other

Under an oaken magic, by a low willow,

And leaves falling, and leaves falling ...

And I say, " Golden Bird,

In my arms you elude me, you escape and are gone, a spirit, a cloud, a star ..."

And I say, " Star of Maidens,

Your face is deathless among all mortal faces ..."

And I say, whispering, with my arms binding you to my heart:

" You are all the women I have ever loved in one,

You are all the women men have ever loved in one,

Yet, miracle of miracles, you are you ..."

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