The Acceptable Offering

Father of our feeble race!—
Wise, beneficent, and kind,—
Spread o'er nature's ample face,
Flows thy goodness unconfin'd;
Musing in the silent grove,
Or the busy haunts of men,
Still we trace thy wond'rous love,
Claiming large returns again.

Lord! what off'ring shall we bring,
At thine altars when we bow?
Hearts, the pure, unsullied spring
Whence the kind affections flow;
Soft compassion's feeling soul,
By the melting eye express'd;
Sympathy, at whose control,
Sorrow leaves the wounded breast;

Willing hands to lead the blind,
Bind the wounded, feed the poor;
Love, embracing all our kind;
Charity, with lib'ral store:

Teach us, O thou heav'nly King!
Thus to show our grateful mind,
Thus accepted gifts to bring,
Love to thee, and all mankind.
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