Beneath the white thorn lovely May

Beneath the white thorn lovely May
[Three Virgins at the Break of day
Whither Young Man whither away]
Alas for wo alas for wo alas for wo
They cry & tears for ever flow
The one was clothd in flames of fire
The other clothd in [sweet desire] Iron wire
The other clothd in [sighs] & tears & sighs
Dazzling bright before my Eyes
They bore a Net of Golden twine
To hang upon the branches fine
[Pitying I wept to see the woe
That Love & Beauty undergo
To be consumd in burning fires
And in ungratified desires]
[Wings they had (& when they chose) that soft inclose
Round their body when they chose
They would let them down at will
Or make translucent]
And in tears clothd night & day
Melted all my soul away
When they saw my tears a smile
That did heaven itself beguile
Bore the Golden net aloft
As by downy pinions soft
Oer the morning of my day
Underneath the net I stray
Now intreating flaming fire
Now intreating [sweet desire] iron wire
Now intreating tears & sighs
[When] O when will the Morning rise
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