To Betsy

Shineth the moon in silence now
In her palace skies on high
And beautiful the white thorn bough
Catches thy silver light and by
An Angel from beneath its shade
Stands Betsy in her love
Stars an illumination made
And peeped from realms above
Inspiring with celestial aid
The beautiful in love

A charm spread round the quiet place
By moonlight calmness given
The soft rays fell upon her face
And told of peace in heaven
She stood beneath the hawthorn shade
A sweet and blushing maid
The quiet eve time lent its aid
To bless our happy love
In silence all the moon above
Looks down on our first courtship made
How beautiful is Love!

Yes Betsy is the lovely girl
That stands beneath the moon
With love bright eyes and teeth o' pearl
A rose in beauty's bloom
Her bosom bore wore the lily's light
Not idle words could move
Dew's that do make the wild flow'r bright
Fell on my nestling dove
Oh 'twas a calm and happy night
The Beautiful in love! —

And she is still my bonny dove
My handsome moonlit flower
The powers of language fail to prove
The pleasure of that hour
Words idly said have no avail
Love's silent heart to move
The silence of this happy vale
We secretly approve
For it will keep the tender tale
Of Beautiful in love
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