On the Celebrated Statue of Moses by Michael Angelo

What Giant's here, in this huge mass of stone
Pre-eminently rais'd? — No human art
Could thus, with life's bold counterfeit, impart
Breath to the lips — that seem as if the tone
Of speech they utter'd. It's the form well known
Of him that of the Deity a part
Bore on his visage, and appall'd the heart
Of Egypt , from the Mountain's blazing throne.
'Twas thus he look'd — when the surrounding waves
He sever'd in the midst; — and thus , when clos'd
At his avenging word, their depths entomb'd
" The horse and rider . " — Ye revolted slaves!
Had this upon your idol-faith impos'd,
The Pagan error would have less been doom'd .
Author of original: 
Giambattista Zappi
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