Come! Come in the Fields

O come wi' the music o' birds i' the bushes
The songs o' the blackbirds the music o' thrushes
The budding o' white thorn the daisey's i' bloom
My lovely young lassie array thee and come
Come away to the wood side the hedge row and rushes
Where the sweet little birds build their nests in the bushes
Come my lovely Miss Wilson and walk out wi' me
Down the grassy wood side—and the sweet meadow lea


The rooks their spring musical noises are making
The cowslips are peeping among grasses green
The swift racking clouds o'er the heavens are breaking
'Till a' the bright blue o' its ceiling is seen
My lovely Miss Wilson thou beautiful creature
Come come in the fields this beautiful noon
Thy beauty is Venus in every feature
Then haste thee my sweet one and come with me soon.


The pewit is swooping and whewing and screaming
The amber trailed willow is mouse eared wi' leaves
Woolpacks o' clouds o'er the heavens are streaming
Sweet green is the tint now the meadow receives
My sweetest Miss Wilson put on thy straw bonnet
By the violet bank and awthorn come to me soon
We'll walk the short grass with the morn dew upon it
And wisper fond love before afternoon—
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