Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale -

" Sir nun's priest, " said our host, and that anon,
" Now blessed be your breech and every stone!
This was a merry tale of Chanticleer.
But, truth, if you were secular, I swear
You would have been a hen-hopper, all right!
For if you had the heart, as you have might,
You'd need some hens, I think it will be seen,
And many more than seven times seventeen.
For see what muscles has this noble priest,
So great a neck and such a splendid chest!
He's got a hawk's fierce fire within his eye;
And certainly he has no need to dye
His cheeks with any stain from Portugal
Sir, for your tale, may blessings on you fall! "
And after that he, with right merry cheer,
Spoke to another one, as you shall hear.
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