Girl I Love -


Though far away, I still shall see thee here,
Shall see thy eyes so deep, thy modest mien,
And hear that fairy laughter, which yestreen
Fell like sweet music on my spell-bound ear.

Though far away, in truth thou dwell'st as near
As wert thou daily, hourly to be seen,
Nor of thy truthfulness have I a fear,
What is with thee stands fast and shows serene.

Would thou wert real, creature of my brain!
Thy voice and laughter, and those deep, still eyes,
And I of loneliness might not complain;

Then I should be inestimably wise,
Nor end my days in this so bitter pain,
Which far within my inmost being lies.

(From " Far Bugles " )

Girl I love, girl I love,
Do not stand in the meadow!
A stranger may break
The stem of your body
And set in his nosegay
Your head honey-colored.

Girl I love, girl I love,
Do not stand by the water!
You may fall to the stream,
And how shall I find you
And know which is mine
Among the floating lilies?
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