The Gown O' Green

The Spring is come and winters gone
And nature all ears tingle
Sweet Nanny's put her bonnet on
For flowers wild i' the pingle
The birds are building every where
Wi hair and bents and mosses
On white thorn, black thorn, dog rose brere
Mid sheep and cows and horses


My love is in her gown o' green
Walking and talking still
Among the hills and hollows seen
By the old water Mill
Her face is comely as a queen
Her auburn curls hang down
Oer shoulders white as snow I ween
Set off by her green gown.


She's tight and jimpsey in her stays
Her bosom soft and round
Her sunday clothes on common days
She wears the whole year round
My love she is a handsome thing
Travel the country oer
I'll buy my love a wedding ring
And love her evermore.
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