Had We Ne'er Loved

O had we ne'er looed one anither
We had neer been curs'd togither
Never shunned and never hated
Had we never been created

Woman in her own true nature
Is a fair and lovely creature
Man a savage from the wild
But when loved a very child

Had they ne'er been put togither
They'd ne'er slighted ane anither
Rift and scar[r]ed like clouds o' thunder
Now they're lost and lone asunder

Lost in crowds and lone togither
Love says love ye one anither
Love's anither name for sorrow
Which from hate we often borrow

Our friends slight us in loves tether
Thus are hundreds join'd together
Love betrayed and passion slighted
Would they had not been united

Parted — keeps the bosom aching
Meeting keeps the heart from breaking
When will earths sin be forgiven
That is only known in Heaven
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