I am ready and ever will be


I am ready and ever will be
To do you service with honesty.
There is nothing that lacks in me
But that I have not.

My poor heart always and my mind
Fixed in yours you shall still find.
To love you best reason doth bind
Although I have not.

And for your sake I would be glad
To have much more than I have had,
The lack whereof doth make me sad
Because I have not.

For I do love ye faithfully
And ye me again right secretly.
Of let there is no cause why
But that I have not.

If I you once of that might sure,
Our love should increase and endure.
To study therefore it is my cure
How I might have.

Such are called friends nowadays
Which do muse and study always
Betwixt young lovers to put delays
Because they have not.

But this resisteth all my trust, verily,
That ye again will love me steadfastly.
And let thy word pass, as it hath done, hardily
Till that we have.

But for this time, sweetheart, adieu.
Continue faithful and I will be true
And love thee still, whatsoever ensue,
Although I have not.
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