I Believe In

I believe in God, Creator,
Shepherd of all human souls;
Not apart and watching Nature,
While her wondrous plan unrolls,
But the Father of our spirits,
And the Moulder of our frames,
Loving each as one begotten,
Calling all by separate names.

I believe his holy Spirit
Fills the earth from shore to shore,
Round about, above, within us,
Bearing witness evermore:
Where that Spirit findeth entrance,
Though it tarry but a night,
Even sordid eyes, beholding,
See the wondrous love and light.

I believe that human loving
Is a lesson taught above;
I believe the cup of blessing
Is the willing cup of love.
I believe in felt communion
With all souls in praise and prayer,
I believe that in forgiving
We rise Godward, stair by stair.

I believe in godly strivings,
I believe in contrite tears, —
That by these the soul moves upward,
Heir of God's eternal years:
I believe that life is greater
Than the segment shown us here,
And I trust him through all changes
That shall round the perfect sphere.
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