I Clasp My Lovely Girl

Here we meet i' the moon light hour
Here we stand by the sleeping flower
Where dew drops hang as silent shower
On each grass blade a pearl
The moon tells endymions tale
O'er the wild rose hedge i' the grassy vale
While fondly I stand by the mossy rail
And clasp my lovely girl.

In ivy tree sung the dove
O'er the old pond gleams the calm o' love
From the cloudless moon above
Where I clasp my bonny girl
Her heart pants like a new taen bird
This white doe singled from the herd
I kiss and not a thorn leaf's stirred
Each beaded with a pearl.

I kiss her where no eye can see
Where none are near but her and me
By the awthorn hedge and Ivy tree
I clasp my lovely girl
In wild thyme hills by hedges green
To kiss her cheeks where nought has been
And teeth as white as pearl
And love those eyes o' pearl.

The moon enlivens all the scene
The old deep pond o' duckweed green
The Ivy trees that o'er it lean
In shadows from above
All tell me o' the lovely girl
With hazle eyes and teeth o' pearl
I love so dear and ever shall
The place remembers love.
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