I Dream't of Robin

I opened the casement this morn at star light And the moment I got out O'bed
The daisies were quakeing about in their white And the cowslip was nodding its head
The grass was all shivers the stars were all bright And Robin that should cam at e'en
I thought that I saw him a gaist by moon light Like a stalking horse stands on the green

I went bed agen and did nothing but dream Of Robin and moon light and flowers
He stood like a shawdow transfixed by a Stream and I could'n't forget him for hours
I'd just dropt asleep when I dreamed Robin spoke And the casement it gave such a shake
As if every pane i' the window was broke Such a patter the gravel did make

So I up i' the morning before the cock crew And to strike a light I sat down
I saw from the door all his track i' the dew And I guess called " come in and sit down"
And sure enough tramples up to the door And who but young Robin is sen'
And ere the old folks were half willing to stir We met kissed and parted agen
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