I Love the Mossy Fountain

I love the mossy fountain
And the primrose by its brim
Where the silty sand keeps mounting
And the weeds with wet are dim
When hot suns drys ground starker
And morn sheds pearls o' dew
Where I sat with Mary Darker
A Maiden fair and true.

Her bonny white straw bonnet
Was sweet and fair to see
While flowered ribbons danced upon it
Like the princy feathered tree
Half boots her ancles hideing
The calves swelled from their tops
Spite o' her muttered chideing
The traveller nearly stops.

Admiring without mention
The beautys they display
Till blushes chides attention
And bids him walk away
Her bonny neck's the lily white
Her cheeks the province rose
She's fair in every body's sight
And sweet her drapery flows.

I love the fountains mossy brim
Half hid in white thorn bushes
Where splashings make the primrose dim
As from the hill it gushes
When Eve brought roses i the West
And ground from heat got starker
There I lay on the bonny breast
Of lovely Mary Darker.
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