I Love Thee


I know that I love thee
I feel it all o'er me
If wrong, God reprove me
So much to adore thee
I know not the reason, but only I love thee
Around thee, about thee, below and above me
I know that I love and adore thee and now
The soul of my worship's none other than thou
I feel so and know it
There's none other before thee
These verses they show it
That I love and adore thee.


Thy skin is the marble
All snowy and white
Thy voice is the warble
Of the song bird of night
I love thee I feel without knowing the reason
Thy blooms like the lily's this beautiful season
Thy face is all beauty thy form I adore
I love thee — no language could ever say more
'Tis thee I would walk with
And leave thee O never
'Tis thee I would talk with
And love thee for ever.
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